Black Walnut

The Black Walnut is a semi-heavy wood, with creamy white sapwood, while the heartwood varies from dark brown to dark chocolate, sometimes with purple hues and darker streaks. The freshly worked perfume is characteristic.

Technological properties

Black Walnut is a wood that dries slowly, so care must be taken to avoid the occurrence of defects during the artificial drying. It has a good dimensional stability. It can be worked easily with manual and mechanical tools, finishing treatments lead to excellent results. It is resistant to bending and moderately rigid. Natural durability is high, even under unfavorable conditions of use.


The uses exploit the good aesthetic characteristics of this wood for the production of furniture, wardrobes, interior architecture, high-class finishes, doors, floors and walls. It is often used to obtain a contrast effect together with lighter colored woods.

Typical defects

Vulnerable to xylophagous insects and mites.

Technical details of the Black Walnut

Family American Hardwood Family
Scientific name Juglas nigra
Other names American Walnut (USA), American walnut, Canaletto walnut
Geographic origin Ontario and United States Central Eastern
Specific medium weight fresh 900 kg/m3 – dried 550 kg / m3
Sawing easy
Drying slow with risk of collapse
Planing easy
Pasting easy
Nailing and screwing easy

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