Cherry wood

The cherry wood is a semi-heavy wood, with different heartwood of a very variable color from reddish to bright red, which can become red-brown when seasoned. The texture is fine and the grain is straight.

To give a brighter red color, the wood is treated with lime water.

Technological properties

The Cherry wood is characterized by a medium hardness wood, very resistant to bending and yielding.

It is easy to work, the shearing is applied to which trunks suitable for shape and absence of defects are used. Tinting and painting give excellent results.

Short-lasting with mushrooms, not resistant to xylophagous insects, but is easily impregnable with preservatives.


The wood is highly appreciated for its appearance and for its good workability characteristics in fine carpentry work, crafts and lathe objects, window frames and interior cladding; household tools, toys, parts of musical instrumentsi.

Very used for veneering exposed parts of furniture and in the production of mortuary bonnets.

Typical defects

Tend to deform; color stains.

Technical details of the cherry wood

Family European Hardwood Family
Scientific name Prunus avium
Other names Wild cherry (I); Cherry (GB); Cerisier, Merisier (F)
Geographic origin Sporadic in mixed broad-leaved woods from the plain to the mountain belt
Specific weight Medium Fresh 800 kg/m3
Dried 600 kg/m3
Sawing Easy
Drying Easy if slow
Planing Easy
Gluing Easy except with with fast hot glues
Nailing and screwing Easy

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