Teak is a heavy wood, with a thin, whitish or yellowish sapwood, well differentiated from the fresh yellow gold heartwood that matures to brown yellow, sometimes with darker green and variegated tones.

The texture is fine and the grain is mostly straight.

It has a shiny appearance, while to the touch it appears fat.

Technological properties

Teak is characterized by a semi-hard wood, very resistant to bending and yielding. It is easy to work, including the peeling (even if rarely practiced) and the blanking, to which the particularly regular stems or with particular deviations of the grain are destined.

It is characterized by excellent stability in operation after the seasoning. Very durable and resistant to insect attacks.

The characteristics of the timber coming from the plantations, although they are influenced by the cultivation methods, are to be considered comparable to those of the Asian forest teak, with the same age of the trees, even if the presence of defects is often more frequent.


It is one of the finest tropical woods, used for furnishing objects and valuable furniture (for its warm appearance), cabinet-making, interior and exterior cladding for boats, veneers, but also floor and garden furniture lists.

Since its discovery by the Europeans it has been used for shipbuilding, this use has been preserved for the bridges of valuable vessels.

Typical defects

Greased wood with calcareous and silica deposits.

Technical details of teak

Family Verbenaceae Family
Scientific name Tectona grandis L.f.
Other names Kyun (Myannmar); Sagun, Tadi, Tekku (India); Giati (Viet Nam)
Geographical origin It grows naturally in South Asia, in India, in Indonesia and in Vietnam. Plantains of this species are present in all the tropical areas of the globe
Specific weight Medium Fresh 1000 kg/m³
Dried 680 kg/m³
Sawing With attention to the silica contents that wear out the tools
Drying From slow to very slow with risks of deformation and cracks
Planing To consider the presence of silica which makes it abrasive
Gluing Difficult due to oily content
Nailing and screwing We recommend pre-drilling the seats

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